Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fancy Up Dog Food Holder

I made a decision on my birthday, to make six different DIY projects for the home. So I started with making Lola's food good container look better.
This is a starter project, I am not a master crafter. I hope to come up with a few more for the my home. I hope you enjoy this one.

What I used: 4 liter container, 12x12 scrapbooking paper with a design you enjoy, card stock (any color), paper cutting scissors, Letter stickers, and tape.

Cut the scrapbooking paper to fit the container, then tape it down.

Using the paper cutting scissors to cut the card stock.

Tape the card stock to the container 

Add the letter stickers to the card stock, I keep mine simple.

Place you new food holder in a place that you will be able to see it and use it. I like it between my fridge and sink. 

If you've made something like this let me know. I would love to see other peoples fancy pet food containers. 

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