Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bring it on 2013

It's a new year, with new adventures for all. Some people embrace the year with new challenges they set for themselves. Some just nurse their hang over, I do a little of both. I don't set new year resolutions, i do that on my birthday. I just enjoy the day and keep on with my goals.
This is a personal blog by me, Beth! I plan to fill this blog with ideas I have, ideas I've found, and stuff about my daily life.
Starting off a new I'll talk about my day:

Started the day by walking up to Swamp People on A&E tv. I LOVE Swamp People, it's one of my favorite shows. A great way to start out a new year.

After some coffee and breakfast (lunch it was noon), I watched some swamp people and did some cuddling with my sweet dog, Lola.

I then decided to tackle the mess left from the party. It wasn't as bad as I thought, just needed to get it done.  

After the cleaning I finally got around the setting up my Christmas present from my parent. I had a wonderful Christmas, I was also very spoiled with the gifts and the family. I do know my lucky I am to have them. 

After my fianc√© finished watching the Michigan football game (they lost, makes for a sad man) we walked the dog. I guess you can kind of chalk this up to a resolution, I do want to start walking my dog everyday. She enjoys walks, and I know I could use the exercise.  
While I cooked dinner, Lola napped. It was a busy night last night, with everyone over for new years and the walk we took earlier. She napped with her bone. I have so many pictures of this dog sleeping, it silly.

After dinner we made popcorn! We got a popcorn maker as a white elephant gift. I love it, and yes that is me in the picture. Not the best photo of me, but I'm not going to like every picture of me.

Our finished product, and it was sooo good. 

The day was pretty good. I can't complain about it. But now off to bed I work tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoyed your first day of 2013

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